Landrover Defender Wolf 90 GS TUL.

The Landrover Defender has a pedigree that stretches back to the early iconic ‘JEEP’ that has played an important role in most armies throughout the world.

The jeep principle has been imitated by many manufacturers but few have upgraded the principle without loosing some of the original concepts.
The ‘Wolf’ though has probably taken ‘robust simplicity’as far as it can go.

Petrol engines were found to be too dangerous,roll over acccidents required better protection,yet the vehicle needed to have that ‘everyday’ simplicity that kept it suitable and available for most tasks.

Building on the the 36 years of the Series vehicles the Defender evolved with better offroad capability, using coil springs,and more flexible gears.

The original Defenders though struggled with underpowered engine units until the developement of the 200/300 series Tdi.

Throughout the 1990s the MOD thoroughly tested variants of possible models and finally selected the ‘Wolf’ specification.

This was to be based on the Defender look, but the chassis was to be exclusive to the military.

Axles were strengthened to accomodate the extra rigours demanded by the more powerfull 300 series Tdi diesel engine and the weights the military wanted to carry and pull.

Gearboxes were the latest design, and the proven transfer box retained. The wheels were upgraded to heavy duty and a 750×16 tyre as standard. Power steering was to be considered standard.

Some of the initial production models were later upgraded under the ‘Remus’ project to extend their’ in service life’

Many vehicles have been refurbished with replacement engines,axle parts,plastic hood,new seats and seat belts.They still have years of use in front of them.

Therefore some GS variants will have average mileages but have many items that are’ as new’.They have not been used to charge radio batteries so mileages are a good reflection of their use whilst in service

The Wolf GS TUL will retain the iconic feel of the jeep yet be capable of being driven every day,either with the hood on or off.

They are a’ classic’, yet still almost unbeatable for strength and agility.

The ‘Wolf’ GS TUL is the end of the lineage stretching back to the jeep.

It is the LAST DEFENDER as far as military landrovers go.

Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Brithday Celebrations.

In 2016 the world watched as the reigning monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth celebrated her official 90th Birthday.

The yearly celebration of her official birthday is the ‘Trooping of the Colour’,and on this unique occasion the Horse Guards were tasked with the responsibility.

This involved many rehersals,of the events and the movement and control of thousands of soldiers, and their logistic support.It required the care and maintenance of the horses that would also take part.

To enable the event to be’ spectacular’ the MOD selected vehicles to logistically support the events,and any situations that might occur.

This was the Landrover ‘Wolf’ 90 TUL GS. The ’90’ being quite appropriate for a Queen who loves her Landrovers.

Fitted with seats in the rear it could carry 6 soldiers and any logistics that may need moving.Special attention was paid to the possibility that the weather might require the Horse Guards Capes to be available.

The selected vehicles were deliberately tidy in appearance so that they could be sprayed in the ceremonial ‘deep bronze green’.

The upgrading of vehicles under the Remus project meant that that were fitted with new Rollcages,New insluation ,New Seats and seat belts,where required.

Mechanical overhauls of the axles,engines,steering also took place.

To finish the ‘new’ look for ceremonial duties they were fitted with new plastic soft tops,new tyres and given a black waxing to the axles and chassis.

These are very collectable vehicles as they not only have the ‘provenance’ of undertaken a significant role in the unique celebration but are future proofed with their many new parts.

These would make great ‘wedding cars’ for any military marriages or other celebrations.

They are still a Landrover that can be driven evryday,with simple mechanical parts and maintenance.